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It’s the season for family and fun. Tracking down the perfect gifts, decorating the house, cooking one day and then traveling the next – the holiday season can still get surprisingly stressful.

Contrary to what I expected, technology can add even more stress. Last year, I wanted to replace my laptop with my iPhone for all my holiday tasks – the shopping list, taking/posting photos on Facebook and using it as a boarding pass. What I didn’t count on was a comedy of errors, like drained batteries, scorned relatives who find Facebook “evil,” malfunctioning plane ticket scanners, and a tablet ruined by a stray splash of soup.

This year, I figured out the secret. Print everything out. With paper, you don’t have to worry about batteries, soup or irate holiday travelers. And holding an actual photo in your hand really is more emotional than swiping through images quickly on a screen.

Regardless of your device or where the holidays take you this season, saving time and sharing memories with the family is now just a few taps away. That’s because this year Android has joined Apple and Amazon with built-in printing technology. This means you can easily print from your most commonly used mobile apps on iOS, Fire OS and Android. Check our Solutions Finder for even more mobile printing info.

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