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One Security for the Software Defined Data Center


The FIFA Women’s World Cup of soccer is only days away from kicking-off in various cities across Canada. Teams representing countries from across the globe are in their final preparations for the big tournament. Final practice sessions will be focused on ensuring defensive strategy and systems are in place. The old adage that “defense wins championships” means teams need to be focused on protecting their net.

In a similar manner, organizations know by now that the software-defined data center (SDDC) helps automate provisioning and massively reduces time-to-market for applications and services. However, many organizations are still relying on legacy defensive strategies by relying on their physical server security to protect their SDDC. When securing your virtualized and cloud environments, it is imperative that you incorporate advanced security controls that protect your net with anti-malware, IDS/IPS, firewall, integrity monitoring, and log inspection to maximize protection against the next big attack.

Software-defined data center is for real

Millions of customers are adopting virtualization technologies for data center workloads – and more recently, networking – to drive efficiency, improve speed and agility, and drive down costs. The software-defined data center, driven by speed, efficiency and costs, has no physical boundaries, with distributed workloads located in various corners of the world. In this era of borderless data centers, it is becoming increasingly important to address the unique security and compliance issues introduced by these deployment models. How can one protect their data center assets seamlessly without compromising on the speed, agility and operational efficiencies – the primary drivers of virtualization – while staying compliant?

Security built for cloud and virtualization

VMware, Microsoft and Citrix are known for providing leading virtualization infrastructure and have kept security considerations at the forefront of their innovation. Working closely together for years, VMware and Trend Micro, the global leader in virtualization and cloud security, have jointly innovated to provide the most optimized security solution for VMware environments. In addition to optimizing performance, we have collaborated very closely with VMware to integrate into the VMware platform at a granular level to improve virtualization by providing security solutions architected to fully optimize use of the VMware platform in the most effective manner.

The leader in software-defined data center security

Trend Micro Deep Security provides a comprehensive security solution optimized for your software-defined data center. It’s a single security solution with advanced security controls that provides threat protection capabilities and is built to work seamlessly with all of the major virtualization platforms.

Deep Security provides lightweight, agentless and agent-based options for the VMware vSphere platform. When deployed with VMware NSX, Deep Security greatly enhances the security posture of the data center by extending micro-segmentation with agentless advanced security controls for system and network security to provide granular unit-level security at a VM level. When deployed in VMware Horizon VDI and vDaaS environments, Deep Security extends the security controls with efficiency design elements, such as scan caching, to offer best-in-class performance for VDI deployments with up to 20x faster scans, 2x faster logins and 30 percent more VM density.

With Trend Micro Deep Security, organizations benefit from advanced threat protection for their software-defined data center with key capabilities, including:

  • Comprehensive security: anti-malware with web reputation, host-based firewall, intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring and log inspection
  • Shielding against vulnerabilities like Shellshock and Heartbleed with virtual patching to protect applications and servers
  • Deployment flexibility: available as software or as a service. Includes full multi-tenant capabilities for easy service operation
  • Reduced cost and complexity: highly integrated with VMware vSphere to reduce operational impact with a single platform for management of security controls and policies across multiple environments: physical, virtual, and cloud
  • Easy administration with tight integration with management consoles from Trend Micro, VMware, and enterprise directories
  • Compliance: addresses major regulatory requirements for PCI DSS 3.0, HIPAA, NIST, SAS 70, and many others

Trend Micro Deep Security is a single security platform that helps organizations scale their virtualization and cloud environments securely without compromising on performance and efficiency and avoiding the operational nightmare of having to manage multiple-point security solutions, which inevitably leads to disjointed policies and a huge management overhead in your software-defined data center.

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup coaches prepare their teams to properly protect their net, what is your organization doing to protect your net (SDDC)?

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